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The next round of 10 Days of Writing Prompts begins on June 21st which is the summer or winter solstice depending on where you live. The theme of this round of writing prompts is The Lucky Ones. 

We are the lucky ones.

The theme came out of a recent conversation with a friend discussing current issues impacting the collective narrative including gun violence, sexism, racism, rape, assault, white supremacy, fear, refugees, climate change, hunger, homelessness, transphobia, homophobia, the list goes on and on. What is different is we are talking about these issues and protesting these issues and there will be change.

When I was younger, if conversations of sexual assault, abortion, and body autonomy were out in the open, I believe I would have made different choices that could have impacted my wellbeing. By having these conversations now, our sons and daughters and grandchildren and beyond are learning to speak up for themselves, for their bodies, and for the earth.

We are living through history. We are making history. The writing prompts are a way to record our history and also witness our becoming.


*** Summer Writing Prompts $30 (June only, CLICK here to pay)***


Or, join for the full three-month series for $79 and be part of an online gathering on Saturday, August 24th at 9 am PST. The three months includes 10 days of writing prompts each month, plus the optional online gathering.

In summer camp, when we sang Kumbaya, we were singing Come, Be, Here. The three-month summer writing series will reveal where your stories connect with others and from that place you can write books that sell and stories that inspire, inform, entertain, and revive the spirit.

Come Be Here – Together. 


I have such gratitude for how gentle and encouraging Betsy was with my writing and how that feeling of safety allowed me to dig deeper.”

~ Elisabeth, NYC


Join the Three-Month Summer Writing Series & Optional Online Gathering:

June 21-30 Ten Days of Writing Prompts: We are The Lucky Ones

July 21-30 Ten Days of Writing Prompts: Kumbaya & Songs of the Heart

August 18-27 Ten Days of Writing Prompts: Campfires & Connections

Saturday, August 24th at 9 am PST Optional Storytelling Gathering (via Zoom)


**Three Month Summer Writing Series & Online Gathering $79

CLICK here to pay**



How it works:

The writing prompt series is a good way to set up a regular writing practice or to get out of the stuck parts of your current one.

The focus is on personal history storytelling. You’ll write about the past. You’ll also write in the direction you want your life to go.

What parts of your life need to be witnessed? (You may be surprised.)

What parts of your life need to heal?

What is the next chapter of your life? Here’s your chance to write it.


I wrote stories that I never knew wanted to be told – and a couple that even though I suspected they needed to be told, I had never been ready to tell them.”

“The writing prompts are definitely clearing some blocks.”

“This is helping me get clear on my book.”

“Thanks, Betsy for giving me the opportunity, the inspiration, and the courage to finally begin to tell these stories.”


The writing prompts arrive daily in your email box. It’s up to you to choose when to open the email and write for 15 minutes. Many people find it meaningful to sign up with a friend or a family member and read their writing to each other. There is nothing to turn in. There are no deadlines. If summer gets busy and you decide to complete the prompts later, you’ll receive a file at the end of the series with ALL the prompts.

If you are needing more guidance on your writing or publishing there is the option to sign up for a private consultation with Betsy (info at the end of this email). You must be part of the writing series to sign up for the consultations.

Choice of one month for $30 (June only) or all three months and the optional online gathering on August 24th for $79.


*** Summer Writing Prompts $30 (June only, CLICK here to pay)***


**Three Month Summer Writing Prompts & Online Gathering $79

CLICK here to pay**


“Betsy’s intuitive writing prompts have uncovered the story within and taken me down writing pathways I could’ve never imagined.”

~ Melanie Ericksen,


I was hoping to kick start my daily writing with Betsy’s prompts. I assumed these would feel more like daily homework assignments. But instead of assignments, they felt more like a daily gift. I couldn’t wait to sit down at Starbucks each day, set my 15-minute timer, open my email, and see what story was going to be coaxed out of me that day. The prompts should come with a warning for anyone writing in a public space such as a coffee shop. Warning: Committing to these prompts can cause spontaneous laughing and/or crying while writing!

Michael Shutt, Actor & Storyteller, Los Angeles



Are you ready to write a book or TED-style talk?

You can add a private consultation with Betsy to discuss your story (only available through August 31, 2019). The consultation includes additional personalized writing prompts and bonus follow-up session on writing and publishing (including resources for both traditional and self-publishing).  There are no levels for your writing, only the desire to stop talking about that book or talk you want to write – and begin to write it.

Fee: ***$111 includes a 40-minute session via Zoom to discuss your writing, additional personalized prompts, and a bonus session via Zoom to discuss publishing options (all to be scheduled by August 31, 2019. Click here to pay. ***(You must be signed up for the Summer Writing Series to book a private session.)

Any questions? Email



“There is no better person than Betsy to help you start telling your stories.”

~ Susie, U.K.

“Women like Betsy who are so supportive and loving to other women are a rare breed in my experience. I’m starting to believe in myself for the first time in a very long time. Publishing a book used to be a pipe dream of mine but…now in reach.

~ Victoria, NYC




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